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星期三, 3月 18, 2009

I am Sorry he he he!

Just would like to say sorry to Faisal aka Comelfz for made you fell during Kulim MTB Ride.

Went through your posting for Kulim H-Tech Exploration 2009, I think our Kayuh-Standard almost same (slow standard) ha ha ha...so i also would like to be a friend with you.

Hope to see you again...and looking forward to ride with you! (No worries, will not laugh at you if i made you fell again!) hehe...

星期一, 3月 16, 2009

星期五, 3月 13, 2009

星期日, 3月 08, 2009

KULIM Hi-Tech MTB Exploration 2009

Today I think God gives me energy, I feel so energetic and will finish the ride.

Start at 730am

Here is offroad, but Ban really ka-na-sai has chicken out!!!

Still feel good!!! Yeah!

This is proof that to be reaching CP1

CP1 easy nia lah...

What a big deal? wet nia mah?

Hi...hi...hi...I got so many fans here :)

CP2 here

CP3 here

2nd river

I made this guy fell because I blocked his road and he fell, I am so bad never said sorry to him and still laughing at him and request him to take picture with me. ha ha ha...

I should say sorry to him. "Minta Maaf ah!"

CP4 here

I was complaining this ride is too long, but they complaint BM Mountain Cross un-rideable trail! Some more don't know WHO AM I wor??? I was a head of organizer of that event ah!!! Kasi lah muka sikit!

But honestly I feel this trail is better than BM Mountain Cross as I can finish this trail and I did not ride the BM Mountain Cross. hahaha...

CP1, CP2, CP3, and CP4!!! Mai-siao-siao I tell you.

I am still fine?


Finish point at 1:50pm total 53km (15km on the road and 38km offroad)

I can finish this ride, first must thank Kulim team organized this "rideable" event, 2nd thank Kayu Edward and Jane were waiting and pulling me to finish the ride. But they also don't have any friend to join them so that they were waiting for me.

Everywhere can hear my voice 6 hours non-stop talking but I still FINISHED THE K-U-L-I-M ride. I tell you don't see me no up!!!

星期日, 3月 01, 2009