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星期一, 4月 30, 2007

星期日, 4月 29, 2007

A nice view at Pulau Aman...

We are six person go to Pulau Aman, Me, Chicken, Chicken Boom, Alan, Tai Tiong and Ah Loon.

Pulau Aman

We take boat to Pulau Aman

Tai Tiong, Ah Loon, Alan and Me

29 Apr: Batu Kawan Ride...

星期一, 4月 16, 2007

Happy Old Man Team

We will join Bukit Mertajam League Div3 2007

星期日, 4月 15, 2007

星期六, 4月 14, 2007


星期日, 4月 08, 2007

End of track...Junjong, See you again!

8 Apr: Junjong

Get ready to start....Ah Hua, Soon, Me and SK Tan

We start to lining up at the start point, Total of 23 riders joined us...to try new track!

SK is a head of team and I will make sure all riders are not missing place, and explained the track and to follow the arrow and cross on the track. Hope not to missing anyone.

Yeah!!!! Start NOW!!!

A nice view!
We have reach the end point...Yeah!

Total of 23 riders, but 20 riders finished the end point....

星期五, 4月 06, 2007

Sunday 8 Apr 07 Junjong

A new track we found at Junjong...20km! Come to join us...745am meet at St Anne Church or 830am meet at Junjong Water Fall.

See you all there!

星期二, 4月 03, 2007

星期一, 4月 02, 2007