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星期四, 1月 25, 2007

星期一, 1月 22, 2007

Pulau Betong - Gertak Sanggol 21-1-2007

This week trip we from Pulau Betong to Gertak Sanggol, then back to Pulau Betong. Same place with last week, it just opposite ways starting and end points.

Two sweet ladies Jane and Shirlyn with two handsome guys Chicken Boom and Me...

Here is Pulau Betong

A nice view

Me and SK Tan
Me and Chicken Boom

Regent and Me

Gertak Sanggol Views...

星期二, 1月 16, 2007

星期一, 1月 08, 2007

Sungai Petani Water Park

Can you see who are they? They are Mary and Chicken Boom, what are they looking for?

That is Sungai Petani Water Park. We are planned one day cycling at Sungai Petani then after that go to swimming and play water there.